Replacement Wednesdays

At Pen to Paper Ghana (P2P), we are starting a new initiative called Replacement Wednesdays. #p2preplacementwednesday The idea being that, through a few simple ‘swaps’ in your normal Wednesday, you will be able to use your saved pennies and donate to Pen to Paper Ghana, where your donations will go towards ensuring more children escape the tunnel of illiteracy. Below, we have outlined some of the ‘swaps’ you can do. We are also open to any other ideas, so please do get in touch. Coffee Replacement Wednesdays The average cost of a coffee in the UK is £2.50. Swap your Wednesday coffee for an instant brew at home and turn your saved pennies into a £10 a month donation to Pen to Paper Ghana.​​ T

"She flies with her own wings"

At Pen to Paper Ghana, we were noticing that a lot of our female students were missing a week of school and our classes every month. After sensitively approaching these students and their teachers, it became clear that it was due to their menstrual cycle. Many of them do not have adequate sanitary protection; they have to use old pieces of cloth and therefore stay at home, since they need to change and wash these during the day. We feel that the high proportion of their education that they are missing is unacceptable. We have also learnt that many of them are uninformed about menstruation and do not talk about it; we thought setting up a workshop was really needed. On 6th July 2018, Pen to P

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