My first visit to Common Faith Academy

Katie had forewarned me that the children at the school would go crazy with excitement when they saw me, but I wasn’t prepared. Opening the car door, the children ran over to me and in seconds I was surrounded, which definitely put a smile on my face too. The children also greeted me with a handmade welcome sign; I felt like a celebrity and instantly warmed to the school and the environment Common Faith Academy has created. Looking at the school building from the outside, I could see the kitchen equipment under a tree, a slide that was falling apart and holes in the ground used as toilets; you can see a million things that needed be done to the infrastructure, and that's even before walking

Day of getting covered in paint!

With an amazing donation from a company in Scotland, we were able to do a number of things in the primary school, Common Faith Academy. We bought 11 bags of cement to improve the flooring in two of the classrooms; there was then less dust in the rooms, creating a healthier environment for the pupils and making the rooms easier to keep clean. Pen to Paper Ghana also built 14 new desks, which could each seat 3 primary children (hence 42 children in total), a table and bench and a bunk bed for the lower primary class, including two mattresses. We believe in using local workers to help on our projects and therefore we recruited a local mason to build the furniture, thereby also helping to sustai

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