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education scholarships

For children in Ghana, although education is technically free until they complete Senior High School (equivalent to completing A-levels), there are many costs involved, such as uniforms, learning materials, lunch and mattresses for Senior High. 

At Pen to Paper Ghana, when we identify any of our pupils as being highly academic but without the financial means to continue their education, we do our best to provide educational scholarships to pay for their school costs and help them to have a brighter future.

profile of a pupil awarded a pen to paper ghana scholarship

Yaa is a 16 year old girl, who has been a dedicated pupil of Pen to Paper Ghana. Her passion for learning and pushing herself is evident in her dream to become a lawyer, as well as her desire to help others (the photo is of her supporting one of her peers in our class).


Like the majority of city children, Yaa doesn't live with her parents, but with her grandfather, and she is expected to keep the house clean, cook for the family, work before and after school and look after her younger nieces and nephews. Her parents live elsewhere, working extremely hard to make ends meets and they try and send Yaa school resources, such as exercise books, when they can.


Yaa is now attending Senior High School, with the financial support of Pen to Paper Ghana. Pen to Paper Ghana partners with individuals and organisations to fund these scholarships and in this case, Assist Africa is supporting.

Interested in partnering to give a child a brighter future? Contact Us to discuss helping with an Education Scholarship.

As little as £10 a month could provide a child with an education.

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