25 Feb 2020

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Reading is the heart of education

this is our belief as reading can affect the ability to do any subject, even maths!

At Pen to Paper Ghana, we move from school to school, where we work in a school for one to two terms, providing free literacy classes and book resource...

11 Jul 2019

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For many girls, sanitary pads are too expensive and therefore the alternative they use is either a rag or tissue paper. Since both must be changed very frequently, many girls miss a week of school each month and stay at home so they can easily change. This is a signifi...

6 May 2019

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Pen to Paper Ghana is a Non-Governmental Organisation that aims to improve education and facilities for the youth of Ghana, to give them a good grounding for a successful future. Our main focus is on improving literacy rates, through free phonics classes, teacher train...

29 Mar 2019

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For a couple of months, a teenage boy kept walking past co-founders, Katie and Richard’s home; always greeting them with a friendly hello, accompanied by his usual question, “can I wash your van for you?” After declining a couple of times, Katie and Richard decided to...

22 Feb 2019

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Pen to Paper Ghana have now partnered with a small UK NGO called Porridge and Pens Ghana. With similar aims in the education field, we were thrilled to facilitate the running of their Girl Power project.

In Ghana, there are a lot of costs involved with school, and there...

14 Jan 2019

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Most children in Ghana are being taught by rote learning. This means they are taught to memorise words by repetition, which in effect means they are unable to read any new or unfamiliar words. That’s why we are focused on teaching through phonics instruction - the crit...

22 Dec 2018

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Check out Pen to Paper Ghana's main achievements of 2018 below! 
The most exciting thing is that it looks like 2019 is going to be even better!
Want to get involved? Get in touch with us.

29 Nov 2018

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In June 2017, we launched our new mobile library, and since we are already more than a year into this project we would love to share some of the ups and downs of the past 16 months. In the modern era we live in, the world of books are competing with digital trends. For...

8 Oct 2018

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The power of literacy


Meaning the ability to read and write

In the words of Fmr United Nations Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, “Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope.

There’s a lot that can be said about the power of literacy, and in this modern day of ours, li...

8 Aug 2018

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At Pen to Paper Ghana, we move from school to school, working in each school for two terms. When we commence with a new school, we assess all students in the school and then choose those that are really struggling to read. Since January 2018, we have been working with...

16 Jul 2018

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At Pen to Paper Ghana (P2P), we are starting a new initiative called Replacement Wednesdays.


The idea being that, through a few simple ‘swaps’ in your normal Wednesday, you will be able to use your saved pennies and donate to Pen to Paper Ghana,...

9 Jul 2018

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At Pen to Paper Ghana, we were noticing that a lot of our female students were missing a week of school and our classes every month. After sensitively approaching these students and their teachers, it became clear that it was due to their menstrual cycle. Many of them...

8 Jun 2018

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Each year, we run a breakfast feeding project for students in Junior High School who are about to do their final exams, the BECE (equivalent to GCSE). For the whole week that they have their exams, they are provided with a filling breakfast at school before they go off...

26 Mar 2018

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Tell us about your world: your life and your country!

In partnership with Start from Ghana Foundation and Children from Africa Foundation, we are running a writing competition for all children from Ghana between the ages of 10 - 15.

We want to know more about Ghana – in...

19 Feb 2018

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Last year Katie and Richard (co-founders of Pen to Paper Ghana) were approached by a close friend, Sidraa Razaq who was hoping to build a well (village at that time undecided) and wondered if their charity could be involved; Katie and Richard were eager to help.

To rese...

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