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The Importance of Sport

We believe that education is not just in the classroom. Therefore, we encourage and promote sporting activities when we can. Through the charity, Kicking Off, we used to organise two football tournaments for an entire district. This improved health and encouraged regular exercise activities, whilst uniting schools together.

We hope to continue these meaningful programmes, when funds allow and to set up activity days among schools.

This year, we were happy to receive a generous donation from the Buckinghamshire New University in the UK, who sent us a large quantity of sports kits. We initiated a football tournament between neighbouring schools on 29th January 2022, with the winning schools being provided with sports kits for both their boys and girls teams. The day was a great success with the children having a lot of fun and mixing with other school children in the community. We made sure the students were taken care of, by providing food and water at the games.

Exercise can play a huge role in our daily health and wellbeing; therefore, it is vital our organisation continues these types of activities. Such projects would not be possible without the consistent help and guidance from the physical education and health coordinators of the District Education Office, the Directorate and the kindness of our donors.

Please get in touch to see how you can help.


Royal Kids Academy boys and girls

Foase DA boys and girls

Foase DA 1 boys and girls


Buckinghamshire New University, Kicking Off, Food Tech Ltd., Ghana Education Service and our generous donors.


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