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Inspiring change through reading

Brightlingsea Academy

Pen to Paper Ghana was invited by Brightlingsea Academy on the outskirts of Kumasi to help improve teachers’ fundamental knowledge of phonemic awareness, in order to help heighten the reading ability of their students. It is very important to start basic phonics at an early age by teaching letter sounds and the methodology of blending the sounds.

We started with an initial meet up with the teachers to check how much they already knew about phonics, and how they applied it in their classrooms. It was encouraging to see that apart from having some knowledge of phonics, some teachers had already discussed whether or not it was the best way to go. And we were glad to be further this discussion.

Our day was made easier knowing how willing and enthusiastic the teachers were in our training day. The day was full of interactions, learning and sharing ideas on how to ensure children learn to read before leaving primary; teachers are the backbone of making this happen.

We emphasised that pupils who leave school able to read and write have a better platform to improving their general life and lifting them out of poverty. Even the ability to manage finances can improve a person’s living standard.

We were encouraged to see photos sent by the school a week after our interaction with them; they had begun to use spelling activities that we had recommended. Spelling competitions using the letter sounds had been implemented, which had enhanced students’ ability to read and had encouraged other students to work hard to become the next winner.

We look forward to meeting up and working with the school again to make sure no child is left behind when it comes to reading.


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