Let there be water!

The teachers of Common Faith Academy have had to fetch water from miles away. When a group from the UK visited the school last year, they felt it was their priority to provide a water source. With hard work and determination, they sent over funds in early 2016 for Pen to Paper Ghana to build a well at the school and the work started immediately. From talking to people with knowledge and experience in well building, we decided upon a borehole, which uses machinery, rather than a hand dug well. Not only can it dig deeper and be completed in much less tine, with little children around, the size of the hole is much safer with no possibility of them falling into it. Lucky we did go with this meth

It's not a "9 to 5" type job

At Pen to Paper Ghana we all work very hard and give our time voluntarily. However we love doing it so much it really doesn’t feel like work. Somehow, whether you get up at half 5 to go and meet people to talk about building a well, or you stay late after the literacy classes to talk to some of the pupils, it never seems like work. That’s why at the weekends, we continue our work with Pen to Paper Ghana. Every weekend we visit a couple of the pupils at their homes. It’s great to meet their families and talk to the parents about the programme, as well as providing the students with some extra one on one literacy teaching. Two weekends ago we visited Priscilla and Serwaah, sisters on our progr

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