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school infrastructure

The development of school infrastructure and facilities helps to increase school attendance, motivation and academic performance of students, as well as the well-being and attitude of teachers. At Pen to Paper Ghana, we identify the facility needs in schools, and raise the funds to provide the resources.

School well
Donating desks
Providing fresh water
Building wells
Improving school infrastructures

building a school well

latest on the projects

Want to see the latest work that Pen to Paper Ghana has carried out? Check out our blog.

So far, we have:

  • Built two wells 

  • Improved the flooring in two classrooms

  • Donated school desks

  • Donated sleeping equipment for a nursery

  • Donated hundreds of bags of children's clothes

  • Donated thousands of pencils, pens and exercise books

  • Donated outdoor toys

  • Donated toys and clothes to hospitals

  • Provided lunch for hundreds of children

  • Undertaken breakfast feeding projects for those completing their final exams yearly


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