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  • Katie Emerson

Day of getting covered in paint!

With an amazing donation from a company in Scotland, we were able to do a number of things in the primary school, Common Faith Academy. We bought 11 bags of cement to improve the flooring in two of the classrooms; there was then less dust in the rooms, creating a healthier environment for the pupils and making the rooms easier to keep clean.

Pen to Paper Ghana also built 14 new desks, which could each seat 3 primary children (hence 42 children in total), a table and bench and a bunk bed for the lower primary class, including two mattresses.

We believe in using local workers to help on our projects and therefore we recruited a local mason to build the furniture, thereby also helping to sustain his business.

The Ghana co-founders, as well as the head teacher, with all the children around, spent the day in the sun painting desks.

Pen to Paper Ghana believes in fully communicating with organisations that donate funds. The decision to spend the money in this way was taken with full support from the company; we shall update them regularly on the organisation’s development.

We are incredibly grateful for the kind and generous donations we receive and we welcome any further support; so please get in contact with us at or donate directly through PayPal here.


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