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Tell us about your world: your life and your country!

In partnership with Start from Ghana Foundation and Children from Africa Foundation, we are running a writing competition for all children from Ghana between the ages of 10 - 15.
We want to know more about Ghana – in stories and illustrations! We are curious to hear Ghanaian legends and tales, or just personal stories from home, school or about friends.
The main winner will get an educational grant sponsored by the Children of Africa Foundation and supported by the Start From Ghana Foundation!
Send your works – stories and illustrations – by 15th May 2018 to:

START FROM GHANA FOUNDATION 13/1, Rev. Fiawoo Street Community 10, Tema Greater Accra, Ghana


OR - if you're based in Kumasi, PHONE us on 0245032786 for collection.

Application form (copy link below into your browser):

Terms of the contest:


(If you are a school and you think your students would be interested, please phone us on 0245032786 to discuss us providing you with material.)

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