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Pen to Paper Ghana (P2P) Ambassador Application 2017

Are you passionate about making a difference and improving the future for young people?

We are currently recruiting our 2017 P2P Ambassadors.

Our ambassadors have the dedication to help in developing the education of children in Ghana to improve their future prospects. Our P2P Ambassadors are a network of volunteers based all around the world who represent and raise awareness in their local area of the NGO.


Ways to get involved as an ambassador

  • Encouraging your family, friends, work colleagues and online networks to support and get involved with the NGO

  • Creating events and fundraising campaigns, such as bake sales and fun runs, to raise funds for the NGO and spreading awareness about the risks involved with being illiterate

  • Networking with schools and businesses to talk about the NGO (experience of public speaking would be useful) and providing us with feedback

  • Thanking our supporters face-to-face and meeting community groups on our behalf.

  • Potentially coming to Ghana to volunteer.


What we are looking for in an ambassador?

  • Must have a passion for volunteer work

  • Want to make a difference in other people’s lives

  • Enjoy fundraising and like connecting with like-minded people

  • Have a ‘can do’ attitude and want to get fully involved with the NGO


What we offer in return

  • Resources to help you fundraise and advice to help with presentations/events

  • Access to our ambassador Facebook page where you can share ideas and experiences

  • Ongoing support from the whole team at Pen to Paper Ghana and a dedicated leader from the UK, who can be contacted through phone/WhatsApp/email

  • Great experience for your future career and we’re happy to write letters of recommendation when requested.


How do I apply to become a P2P ambassador?

Send us an email at answering the following questions:

  1. Why do you want to be a P2P ambassador?

  2. What experience do you have in the volunteer sector (don’t worry if you don’t have any)?

  3. What previous fundraising activities have you undertaken, if any?

  4. The position is for a year (with the potential to extend); what would be your plan as an ambassador for 2017, e.g. what type of events would you be interested in running? How much would you be aiming to raise? What would be your goal to being a great ambassador?

If you have any questions for us, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Note: If you’ve been a 2016 P2P ambassador, make sure you check your email from us about continuing the role for 2017.

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