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The Brief History of Common Faith Academy by the Head Teacher, Obour

Common Faith Academy commenced on the 14th November 2011, at the house of a woman called Adebor, in the Trede area. After three months the landlady informed us that she needed her house and therefore we had to relocate, which caused a lot of stress in finding a new location.

We moved to a nearby house, but unfortunately, this was an uncompleted building and therefore we had to use the avocado and cashew tress there for shade. During the rainy seasons the place was more or less an abyss. We taught from this location for almost six months (two terms), after which we relocated to Mpatasie where the Samaria Church is. We were only able to stay here for one term as a mason told the landlord that the building was unsafe and therefore we were forced to move.

This led us to our previous place, where there were trees for shelter, and people starting calling the school “The Aviary” (In the local dialect, “Nomma Mu School”) At this location, things were still not much better as the sun and rain were always a challenge. So gradually we acquired a piece of land at our current location, where there were no people living. With determination, we made a structure and after that we were able to build a three classroom block.

We have gone through a lot of challenges; however, we have come far in the last 5 years and our dream it that we become one of the best schools in the locality, particularly now that we have the help and support of ‘Pen to Paper Ghana’.

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