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Pencil Case

Pencil Case


With the mobile library, we are allowing children to access books and create a love for reading but unfortunately for many, they also lack the basic and essential school supplies, such as a pen! Without the ability to do school tasks, such as taking notes in class due to the lack of a pen or exercise book, children are unable to actively participate in the classroom and therefore their education is severely hindered.


Whilst many Ghanaian students go to school without basic supplies, a pencil case is a luxury item since most parents would prioritise food and shelter over it.


No child should ever be without a pen/pencil to study


What we want to do?

We want to donate as many pencil cases as we can to children in Ghana.


How you can help?

We need your help to ensure children in Ghana have the basic supplies they need for school.


Purchase a pencil case here and we'll buy one locally and fill it with a selection of items, such as pens, pencils, ruler, pencil sharpener, and eraser to give a child in Ghana. (Please note - the payment process will ask for your postal address but we won't be posting anything to you. The pencil case will go directly to a child in Ghana.)


Alternatively, you can fill a pencil case yourself and send it to us. If you would prefer to do that, send us an email at and we'll send you more info.

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