COVID-19 Relief Fund

COVID-19 Relief Fund




Unfortunately, COVID-19 is in Ghana and with the Government’s directive, all schools have been closed.


This means the children we work with are at home and many of their parents have had to stop working. This puts huge pressure and worry on families to be able to feed their loved ones and ensure they stay healthy.


During the 3 week lockdown, we managed to distribute 136 food packs to the most needy families in the villages that we currently work in to help them through this hard time. We also provided 4 hand washing stations in busy areas.


Although we are now out of lockdown, the virus is still here and therefore we feel that we can still help families during the epidemic.


Please consider supporting our COVID-19 relief fund, where donations will be used in the best way that we can to support the communities. We work with the local leaders of the communities to help them in what they feel is needed the most. This will be through support such as food relief bags, hand washing stations, medical equipment, educational materials, etc.


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